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March 13, 2012


This is a great post, and the book looks very interesting! I shared the link on Facebook.

Thanks for the giveaway!

I started blogging in book reviewing in the midst of depression back in 2009. I don't know how much it got me through it, but I made it through the cloud and am still enjoying my hobby.

Laura Hartness
CalicoCritic at gmail dot com
The Calico Critic

And also a tweet:!/lhartness/status/179753556260298752

Love this post and LOVE the book. I read an advanced copy and had to cancel all my meetings because I could not stop reading it!

This book sounds like a "must read" for those of us who want to live our dreams.

This book sounds heavenly. I can't wait to enter the fascinating world of Edenbrooke.You

You dreamed a dream, made it a reality and got it published. Bravo!

Thanks for choosing the hard thing and seeing it through. And for dreaming.

What is life without dreams? Julianne explained it, then she went into dream land....saved by dreams. Congrads to Julianne success comes in many forms - a private experience and now a public story......and lots of in between excitement.

Wow -- what a beautiful post. Sounds like a beautiful book, too. I'd love to read.

Thanks, Whitney!

Does the dream go on? Is there a sequel in the writing? Depression dampens dreams. I love how you took yours and set them in motion, breathing life into them and getting them into print.

Wow, Julianne, that is a moving backstory to yoru book. Lord knows I do the same. Go through the tough day-to-day and all the while in my head I am in another place, another time, only better.

It's not that I did not appreciate what I have (my family) but wish that things were better and that my children didn't have to suffer through the same things my husband and I did when we were younger. It's hard-coded into human beings, parents esp I think to wish for a better life for their children.

I love romance novels set in the days of old, when both life and people were simple. Looking forward to checking this book out at the local stores.

I have found that having dreams is so important to keep motivating myself to accomplish new things. I have lots of dreams (maybe too many) of things I want to do, and many which I am already in the process of doing, but that is better than having no dreams. One of those dreams got it's start almost 15 years ago when I was really depressed b/c of a bad breakup. I started doing genealogy and my dream now is to write and publish a biography of one of my ancestors.

I love this post - especially the line about your kids standing on the table throwing goldfish at each other. What a relatable image! And you put it so beautifully: "it’s the avenue of my dreams. It’s where my soul and intellect meet." I'm a genealogist, and I began researching a particularly rewarding family line for a similar reason. My husband was doing an internship during grad school, we had two little kids and no money (we rented a table and a bed for those three months--that's it), and I was completely unprepared for the too-hot-to-go-outside Texas summers. If that family line didn't save me from depression, they most certainly saved me from loneliness and self-pity! (Lori Lyn, I think I need to meet you.)

It is so refreshing to read the comments of so many like-minded people! Thank you for taking time to read my story and for relating to it.

And, yes, the dream does go on. Not a sequel, exactly, but another story set in the same world, which is due to be released next spring!

I already wanted to read this book but love the backstory. Thanks for the inspiring interview!

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