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April 01, 2012


I read about this book last week. I am very curious to see how it could help me change, but also set my 2 year old up for success.

I love the bits you chose to share! This book is on my "must read" list--I've been waiting for my turn with the library copy, but perhaps I'll try to get it just a little quicker.

Mmm, must change habits...

I would love a copy of this book, especially as it is not available at our library. (Acquisition budget cutbacks do not foster new ideas!)

Reading about dissecting the Civil Rights movement from the perspective of habits was fascinanting. I am hooked, will read the book.

Removing an existing habit by definition entails creating a replacement habit ie the same cue provides a different routine for the reward.

I feel stuck in a habit for the last 20 years. I am fascinated by the brain and its many workings. I would DEARLY love to break these habits and form some new and constructive ones. I am looking forward to reading this book

Thanks for sharing this interview, Whitney. I have been more aware lately of how my seemingly innocuous habits are interfering with my dreams--forestalling the realization of my dreams.

I am a William James fan and have this quote posted on my "board":

"Every smallest stroke of virtue or of vice leaves its never so little scar. ...Down among [my] nerve-cells and fibers the molecules are counting it, registering and storing it up to be used against [me] when the next temptation comes. ...As we become permanent drunkards by so many separate drinks, so we become saints in the moral, and authorities and experts in the practical and scientific spheres, by so many separate acts and hours of work. ....[Letter from Ernest L. Wilkinson to Bryce V. Redd, 2 Mar. 1971, pp. 2–3. Quoted from James, William, The Principles of Psychology, Great Books of the Western World, vol. 53. Chicago: Encyclopedia Britannica, 1952]"

James recommended choosing something every day to "resist"--one act of additional discipline exercised every day- just to strengthen the "resist" muscles. I need to read a good modern exposition of this idea!

Heard about this on NPR and added it to my "to read" list. Would really like to have a copy.

Would love a copy; hoping it will help me and also those I interact with and mentor -- especially my family.

Habits are pretty fascinating! I'd love to learn a little more :).

I'm fascinated to read how creating habits (good and bad) can be changed via neurology. I'm thinking this is just my kind of book both intellectual fodder and practical tasks that can be put into action. Thanks for sharing.

This last month I stopped the habit of eating a bowl of cereal every day and instead eating protein. I feel 10 times better but have to say it's been a challenge.
Now I want to create a habit of being out of my office at 9PM. Work some at home. I realize I must save some will power for the evening so I can get up and leave my office.Then I can change my habit.

I thought this sounded familiar! I read Charles Duhigg's NYT article "How Companies Learn Your Secrets" (Feb 16th). The Target info in the article was interesting, but I was absolutely fascinated by the habit formation info in there--enough so that I saved the whole article. I didn't realize he had written a book until your post prompted me to pull out the article & see if it was the same author. Definitely a book I'll have to read.

The idea of getting my 1000+ email inbox to 0 seemed like a daunting task. Then one day a few months ago I just started the habit of emptying it bit by bit. I had a plan, rewarded myself, and kept it up until I hit 0. For a month now I have been getting it to 0 every day. I feel so much stronger, on-top of things, and refreshed. I can't wait to to read this book now and see what other great habits I can adopt. I really want to learn about the neurology involved. The world of habits is fascinating stuff!

Thank you -- as always - for your very insightful comments!

Congratulations Maria C -- you are the winner of the giveaway! Will you e-mail with your address?

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